DAY 90

June 12, 1999


Woo Hoo!!! Canada at last! I went through the usual questions at the border. When asked about firearms, mace, etc., I told her I had pepper spray and that was no problem. There were still a lot of miles to cover and the sun was setting. After reaching the left turn where 93 junctions with 3, I had about a mile to go for the provincial park. Then it was another 7 miles off 93. Geez! That sux! The sun was now gone and it was getting very cold. When I rode into the park it was difficult to find the camping area. I turned down a gravel road that I thought was the camping area. There were quite a few picnic tables, so I parked my bike beside one and pulled out my sleeping bag. Not another soul anywhere as I spread my sleeping bag out on the table and crawled inside, fully clothed and with my jacket on. It was 10:30 and getting very cold now. Within moments, a park service truck drives up as the camp host was walking his last rounds of the park for the night, (he was about 22 or so) and informed me that I was in the day use area, not the campground. After I told him I planned on leaving at sunrise he said "Ok, I’ll let you stay here and I won’t charge you the camping fee". Then he went on to say, "If anyone asks, you never saw me because I’d get in trouble by my boss if he knew I let you stay in this area and that I didn’t charge you a camping fee." I thanked him and climbed back into my bag to get warm as he drove off. Lying on my back, I looked up at the brightest stars I’ve seen in a long time. It felt so incredibly good to be so open like this amidst a dark forest.

Today - 30.52 miles in BC  (total for the day 93.52)
Total -  3939 miles
Avg. Speed - 11.0mph

Today's Pics

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