DAY 89

June 11, 1999

Last night, just prior to falling asleep, I realized what bothered me about the phone call with the lady regarding the PT position. She never once asked about my skills or what patient diagnoses I've worked with. Her only concern was if I was familiar with the specific paperwork forms they used. That really bothers me, someone that doesn't care enough about patient care to make the therapists skills a priority. Instead I've seen many places hire therapists that are good with paperwork regardless of their skills as a clinician. I encountered a therapist one time that was excellent with the paperwork but was finally caught fraudulently billing for patients he did not see. That is the problem, all management cares about is a good pencil pusher, no one gives a crap about patient care anymore.

I made it back to the hostel at 5pm and began getting everything ready for my departure tomorrow.  In the hostel now are Dave, Joe, Gelinda, Sean, and Shari.  Dave has been here for several days now and is looking for a place to rent in the area.  He is a bartender and just moved here from Lake Tahoe.   Joe is the guy I had a problem communicating with about a week and a half ago (the psycho weirdo, that has also had the police remove him from Whitefish Times).   Gelinda is a lady from Austria taking time away from work as a psycho therapist and probation officer, a very fun person to talk to.  Sean and Shari are a couple from Brisbane, Australia.  They are full of positive energy, always smiling.  I tried to talk to them in my very bad Australian accent :-)  Wayne and Marisa stopped by tonight to hang out with everyone.  Dave was gone to work and Joe was at The Great Northern, leaving the rest of us downstairs talking.  Time had gone by quickly, so at 10pm I was getting tired and sat in the living room sipping tea in an effort to be more awake.  But soon, my zest for conversation began to falter and I had to say good night to everyone.

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