DAY 87

June 9, 1999

I have really tried to keep my journal an objective account of this journey, trip, expedition, quest, whatever you call it; there was a time... somewhere in the beginning, I'm sure of it. And now for me to think of these pages I've written, I wonder how it has come to this? To so boldly allow my own inner self to be exposed as I attempt to cross the continent by a bicycle.  All I can say is that everyone has struggles, inner and outer, only most don't reveal them, rather suppress them. I know many may think I'm crazy, but as I allow these things to flow out, an indescribable inner peace appears in their place. So this is truly me as I embrace the world. Just one complication... when I call home to my moms I'm suddenly thrust back into the real world... my mail... bills... phone calls... expectations... for me to finish this, I find that I must break contact for longer periods of time.  This may be the only time I ever do something like this and it is important for me to finish this with minimal contact to anyone that draws me back to the reality I've escaped. Before I left, I began reading "The Ukimwi Road" by Dervla Murphy. This lady broke all contact and told no one where she was going as she biked through Africa. I respect that kind of courage. My only contact for awhile will be through my journal entries as I begin the best and most challenging part of this journey.

I went to Whitefish times where Willow introduced me to a couple of her friends. Come to find out the guy is a good friend of Chris's from Missoula, he told me Chris was just in town and left on Sunday... "No Way" I said. He already knew a lot about me from Chris, and he couldn't believe that I was doing this trip with the little knowledge of bike maintenance that I have. I assured him that I knew enough to get myself out of any jam, like when I had to convert to a single speed in the Black Hills.

He was studying for his college courses, and guess what they were? Physical Therapy! Yes he is enrolled in a PT program and I really tried to maintain a positive outlook on the profession :) 

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