DAY 83

June 5, 1999

My plans as of 2 days ago would have me pedaling down the road at this moment. It is 7 am as I sit at the cool wood table inside the hostel.  Two sounds occupy the room, the hum of the refrigerator and the tick of the clock on the wall behind me. Tick... tick... tick... as time escapes me.   Time...why must I think of that now dreadful measure of existence? It is turning into my nemesis, growing stronger with each passing day. Miles are still many and time is essential to complete the journey while still able to partake in all the wonders my senses are yet to be laid bare to.

There has been previous mention, liking my journey to a vision quest. In my wildest fantasies, I would've never dreamed of encountering such a wonderful town. Although there have been many days of miserable conditions:

- The hot searing Florida sun that blistered my skin, leaving me with several sleepless nights.

- The narrow escapes from speeding bodies of steel, such as the semi-truck that slammed on its brakes skidding towards me.

- The 80 mph gusting winds, blowing me off the road in the desolate sand hills of Nebraska.

- The freezing rain that turned the digits of my hands and feet blue in the black hills of South Dakota.

I would endure these torments again knowing that places like this await me. And though I wasn't searching for anything more than inner peace and harmony, many things far greater has crossed my path. When the Indians encountered their vision, that marked the end of their quest. But how can I stop now? The turmoil spins through my head as my yearning for adventure and the road struggles with my yearning to stay and live in this very unique town. A part of me doesn't want to leave and this town calls my name in the wind. What to do? I wait for my nemesis to reveal the answer... tick...tick... tick...

I went to the Buffalo Cafe' for breakfast then into Kalispell for a bit of wandering around.


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