DAY 82

June 4, 1999

Amy and I went to breakfast at the bagel place. Then I helped her carry her stuff to catch the bus for Missoula. She will call Kristen and Chris when she’s there. I know she will find them to be as good of friends as I have. Amy is in search of a bike and I knew they could help her. We set the big backpack and duffel bag down beside the bus and shared our good-byes.

Inside Boogie Brown’s, I ran in to Frank, the guy I briefly met yesterday. His appearance would remind anyone of Kurt Russell in Point Break. Frank is an old surfer from California and has retained that whole persona. The laid back attitude, dark tan, hair just a little long in back with curls, and always laughing loudly. He has more recently in life become a photographer. We talked about photography and he offered to drive me to Kalispell so that I could return the 2X teleconverter that I decided I didn’t need. While in Kalispell we went to a photography show. We hung out all afternoon and then I returned to the hostel about 5:30pm.

Now I must get ready for my morning departure. I’m leaving, but yet I feel a force holding me back. Why am I having difficulty gathering my things and preparing?

That evening I went to Franks place on the lake for his little get together of people. By that time the sun had just set and it was a little dark. The reflection was perfect on the still lake as I sat on the picnic table near the water's edge.

It’s 1am as I try to sleep in my bunk at the hostel.

Today's Pics

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