DAY 81

June 3, 1999

Finally! I got caught up with my journal entries, woo hoo! Although at times it is a laborious effort for me to write, I do find at times a certain attraction I feel towards the sound of pen rolling across the the fresh green paper of the steno pad I write in. The words in my mind are flowing out like liquid onto the paper and clearing up space for new thoughts. Last night I thought about exactly where it is I fit in this world. I imagined the whole world as a jigsaw puzzle and wondered where my piece fit. Mine is surely malleable so it can fit in many places – some better than others. But where will it be when this journey is over?

I decided to walk over to Boogie Brown’s so I could take in the ambiance and read another one of those Double Take magazines.

Later in the afternoon I walked 2 blocks to the Black Star Brewery. There, we hung out in the tasting room where they gave out free glasses of beer. They also have free internet access and a web cam, so anyone could have seen me there through their website:

Tomorrow will be a week since I arrived, my longest time off from riding.

And I've had this thought to share:

The road beckons me, as it has become my vice; it consoles me and at the same time, exhilarates my soul.

The sound of my bike – The shifter – The rattle from the trailer – the sound of the chain, churning through the gears – All have become a part of me as I pedal into Nirvana.

The journey is only half-begun and I still have a long road ahead.


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