DAY 80

June 2, 1999

I sat in the Swift Creek Cafe' drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the group of locals telling the gossip. Afterwards, I decided to walk through some neighborhoods on my way to Cyber Port. I saw a house that had a sign which said "the studio-A center for creativity" and there was also an "open" sign, so I went in. Inside I met Aida, who told me about the studio and it's purpose. There was all kinds of art displayed on the walls and on stands. Originally it started out being targeted toward the children, but now many adults are beginning to participate in art classes. It was a nice surprise to find this neat place. I continued to Cyber Port where they are giving me free internet access to e-mail some of my journal entries.

Then I decided to stop back at Boogie Browns. It is just a neat little shop unlike anything else in Whitefish. The owners are Nikki and Diana, a mother and daughter team. They are partners in the business 50/50. Both of them were pleasant and fun to talk to.

Later in the evening I was bombarded by three new guests. Man I've had the place all to myself for a couple of days and now I have to share it ! One was the unusual guy Matt and I talked about from the other hotel. He just seemed very weird. I tried to talk to him but it was difficult to start a conversation. Finally he started telling me he was from Florida and was hired to be the "Golf Pro" for the summer at a local resort. He told me he injured his right elbow, so naturally as a Physical Therapist I began asking about the nature of the injury. I thought I could help give him some advice on how to take care of it. He started telling me how he was sitting on a stool that collapsed on him at the golf course. What I found humorous was the fact that while he told me this story, he was sitting sideways and twisted while leaning backwards on two legs balancing himself in the chair across the table. When I made a joke about that he got defensive. This is a guy that has looked to be in a bad mood every time I saw him. I was hoping to see if this guy had the capability to smile. Instead he defended how stable he was now and how the other chair wasn't which broke causing him to fall on his right elbow. Then he quickly said "well actually I've said too much, my attorney and orthopedist advised me not to talk about it." The he quickly gets up and walks around the room checking out the place. I tried to change the subject and asked "so you'll be around for the summer ?" He responded, "I don't know, I can't answer those questions for you" with his back to me as he walked out the door. Oh God, this guy is probably suing for some ungodly amount of money for something so trivial. He didn't appear to be in pain at all to me and when I had introduced myself earlier he shook hands with his right hand and had a firm grip. Man I've been airborne crashing down a mountain while mountain biking which rotated my pelvis a little and caused a slight leg length discrepancy. Not to mention the giant bloody wound that covered half my right forearm all the way to my elbow. But as soon as we straightened my front wheel good enough to be rideable, I kept going the rest of the afternoon. But hey I had an accident, and that was just one of many, but that's life. I wouldn't ever think about suing anyone. I strongly dislike people like that, but anyway I just hope his "attorney" doesn’t read this, he might be suing me for something.

The other two were Pete and Amy. They came downstairs after settling in and after the other guy was gone. Pete and Amy just happened to be on the same train together. Pete is on his way to Adventure Cycling in Missoula were he will participate in the Missoula to Anchorage, Alaska group bike ride. He is much older, retired, and filled with lots of nervous energy. A difficult person to talk to and he dominated everything being discussed. Geez I hate it when someone starts talking over me just as I start to say something. But that was just him and I'm sure he means well. He left and said he was going to drink a couple of beers, I thought yep that should calm down some of that nervous energy of his. Amy is on her way to a paid summer intern near Missoula. She will be getting a degree in microbiology and this summer will be spent studying lyme disease.

By 11pm I went to sleep.


I hope no one else is falling asleep reading my journal entries.

Oh yeah it's been cloudy and rainy since Monday so I guess I picked a good week to take off.

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