DAY 79

June 1, 1999

The sun drifted through the windows and woke me up several times in the early morning hours. By 6am I was wide-awake and found some instant oatmeal in the cabinet, left there by a previous guest. After eating a bowl, with sugar and cinnamon, I made a list of things to do:
    • go to the post office to mail photos
    • get recent film developed and sort
    • check on Toshiba Libretto laptops
    • maybe go to Kalispell? (to look for laptops)
    • get journal caught up

First, I walked to Cyberport, the local ISP. They allowed me net access to check my e-mail and to type some of my journal entries to email to my friend. I was able to complete 2 days before they closed at 5pm. Then I walked the block to the Trailhead. Deli, another good Café’! Homemade bread and all. :-) When I walked back to the hostel, I found Wayne outside sanding picnic tables. He plans on making it so guests can grill outside and eat on the picnic tables. Wayne took a break as he, Marisa, and I, sat on one of the picnic tables looking at some of my recent photos. It was a cool, sunny, afternoon as we relaxed out here behind the hostel. Marisa was very complimentary on some of my photos, which made me feel good since I am a novice. I gave them photos containing them and the hostel. Then, after deciding to stay a few more days, I paid Wayne $39.00 for 3 more days. I also included $1.00 for the charge to wash and dry a load of clothes. There is a washer and dryer in the hostel that operates on the honor system. OK, I think that’s enough babbling from me for one day. :-)

Today's Pics

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