DAY 78

May 31, 1999

Hmmm, another day in Whitefish, what to do.

It had begun to rain lightly and by early afternoon the light rain had changed to a heavy shower as I walked to the grocery store. I bought a banana, a fresh deli sandwich, and a SOBE green tea. Leaning against the wall out front, I ate my food then ran downtown, ducking out of the rain under the awnings. From there I ran about 3 blocks in the rain to where Matt lives. He was just getting ready to leave for Big Mountain so he could check on the time that he was supposed to show up tomorrow morning. We exchanged addresses so I could let him know when I completed my trip and then he gave me a ride back to the hostel. I looked through the movie selection and decided to watch The Men In Black. That was one I had yet to see and it was pretty funny. Wayne stopped in later in the evening and we talked for a little while. He pointed out the names of the mountains in the panoramic photo that hangs on the wall near the ceiling, by the kitchen. Wayne had been there and pointed out where villages were at the base of the mountain range, which were not visible in the photo. After he left I started watching the "Wallace and Gromit", claymation movies, he recommended. Those are pretty funny :-)

That’s about it.

Bored yet?

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