DAY 77

May 30, 1999

Now it was time to gather my stuff and go to my new place. Riding my bike a whole two blocks, I was at the Bunkhouse Hostel. The more I spoke to Wayne and Marisa, the more I liked them. What a neat, fun, couple. Both of them had been travelers and met ten years ago in Switzerland. They’ve been married eight years and a baby is due in three weeks. So, it appears their traveling days may be over for a while. Wayne said that they "Travel vicariously through the people that come here." After settling in, I decided I needed some lunch.

The Baker Street Bistro was just two blocks east and offered delicious bagel sandwiches. I ordered a lox bagel with capers. About that time, Wayne popped in to order a bagel sandwich to go. Then Wayne had to go back home and left with sandwich in hand, I followed him back.

I was contemplating getting a laptop to make it easier to stay on top of my journal entries. The Toshiba Libretto is only 21 pounds so it would add minimal weight, but the expense! Not sure if I could justify it.

By now I’ve attempted conversation with the other "hosteller" to no avail. He doesn’t even look at me and never says a word unless I speak first. His responses are always made looking away for me in a low tone so I would have to say "What?" I quickly abandoned my attempts to be nice and engage in friendly conversation.

That evening, I walked to the Great Northern Pub and Café. The immediate section walking in was the bar and the café was at the back. I ate a veggie sandwich and tea then walked through town in search of Matt’s new place. I found it very easily with the directions he had given me when I saw him in the Conoco. We sat in the living room and watched The Simpson’s, wooo hooo:-) and then the X-Files. Matt will start working on his summer intern on Tuesday, which will last 3 months. After watching the X-Files, which kinda sucked this time, I walked back to the hostel and ate my last bit of raspberry Granola prior to going to sleep.

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