DAY 76

May 29, 1999

After waking up I went downstairs for a shower.  When I got back to the room, Matt had just gotten up and we made plans to get breakfast at one of the cafes' close by.  As soon as Matt was ready we walked to the Buffalo Cafe' for breakfast.  I know this day of writing is going to suck, but I'm trying here... so bear with me :)

Matt talked about the view from Big Mountain over the town and the lake.  So we drove up there for the view and I took some photos, it was very cloudy so the will not be very good.  When we got back to the hostel I went next door to the Glacier Cyclery and bought a strap to hold my pump securely, new tire levers since I broke my old ones, and a new rear tire for my BOB trailer.  It was about $15.00 total. 

Back at the hostel again I asked Glenn about getting net access.  They had a computer downstairs with net access but it was in the cafe' section that was closed on weekends.  One of the kids close by had said something to Glenn like ...maybe not exact words but this is what I remember.."The cafe' is f#$%in' closed on the weekends and if (a name was said here, don't remember) catches anybody f#$%in' down there, it's there f#$%in' ass".  Glenn walked back over towards me and I said "well guess I can't after all huh".  Then the guys girlfriend and him got into an argument in the hall.  She said a bunch of stuff like  "f@#$ you, you f@#$kin' @sshole, go ahead you take my f@#$ckin' job, you f@#$kin' prick..."  etc...  He left and then she got on the phone in the hallway and laughed as she told her friend how her and her boyfriend are fighting again.  Glenn said "Well I'm going to take a shower."

I went back in the room and Matt was gathering his stuff since he found a place to live.  We shook hands goodbye and he wished me luck on my journey. 

For lunch, I walked downtown in search of food.  I found the Corner Kitchen and got the Thai Chicken Peanut Pasta, mmmm.  I was informed by someone there about another hostel in town, The Bunkhouse.  This person told about the negative vibe surrounding the Non-Hostile Hostel and highly recommended I go to the other place.  That was great news since I wasn't feeling comfortable there at all in this other hostel.  After eating I walked down there and found it just a couple blocks away.  I met Wayne and Marisa, very friendly people and Marisa had this incredibly nice smile that was welcoming.  Wayne told me to go inside and check out the hostel but I knew I didn't have to look any further, both of them were just so friendly and I knew I had found the right place for me.  Inside I found what a hostel should be like.  A community kitchen to do your own cooking, a very comfortable atmosphere with a TV and VCR, shelves for book exchanges, and movie video to watch.  Instead of having one large room filled with rows of bunks and sleeps about 20 people, they had sections of different rooms with bunks.  It really did have a "home" feel to it.  I'm there dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I had already paid to stay at the other hostel I walked back to finish my last night there.  In that long, narrow room filled with bunks and 3 separate doors leading to the inside from the hall, I tried to write in my journal.  That one section all the way to the end, where the makeshift wall is, where all those kids stayed, had the smell of incense permeating the room from it and I could hear the Joy Luck Club on the TV.  Soon I decided a little more adventure than sitting in here listening to the Joy Luck Club.  I walked to the Conoco station to inquire about the different cafe's in town and which ones had healthy veggie type foods.  There was another girl there I recognized from the cafe' last night that was paying at the register.  She told me that Serrano's would be a good place to go.  The veggie burrito is supposed to be really good there.

At Serrano's I ordered the veggie burrito and talked to Jeff, my waiter.  He moved here from Colorado and does web design in addition to working here.  So naturally I had to give him my web address to checkout my site.  He was very interested in my trip and seemed excited to know I kept an online journal so he could follow it.  As I was leaving another guy that works there stopped me and said "so you're the guy on the big bike ride" and then shook my hand.  We talked very briefly and then he had to get back to work.  I made it back to the hostel in time to listen to Saturday Night Live that was coming from that other side of the wall of mats. 

I laid down thinking about how I could spend my life travelling and talking to other people.  Everyone has a story to tell - something to share.  Sometimes we are too busy to take the time to listen or too busy trying to tell others our own stories and not listening to what someone else may have to say.  I believe a person has much more to gain by listening and sharing in another's tale than by telling of their own experiences.

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