DAY 72

May 25, 1999

Chris made pancakes again this morning, wow I'm gonna have to stick around for awhile huh  :)  Kristen had to leave to take some of her stuff to put in storage while I hung around and talked to Teresa most of the morning.  Jock gets up late morning, somewhere around 11 or 12 and appeared a bit grouchy.  Must have been a late night for him.

In the afternoon I walked to the mall and had my film developed there.  During the hour I had to kill I walked into Sears to look around.  Now that's what I need a big power saw!  and a big generator  hee hee.  After passing through the tool section, I found electronics and found out that Sony now has 360x digital zoom.  WOW that is a huge improvement in just the 4 months previous when I was looking at them.  After about an hour I went back to the photo shop and talked to Matt a bit.  He almost had me sold on getting a roll of slide film to give it a try but I decided to wait.  Besides it would be too difficult and much more expensive for developing and getting prints for the web site.

Back at the house, I found Teresa and Kristen both there and we looked at my photos and then we were off to get stuff to grill out tonight.  The three of us walked several blocks to the grocery store, which is cool that so many people either walk or ride bikes everywhere in this town.  At the store we got chicken and all kinds of vegetables to make shish kabobs.  Of course we had to get "Fat Tire Amber Ale" beer, since we all enjoy biking :)  While Drew and Kristen monitored the grill, I started working on rotating my tires.  The back was showing definite signs of wear but the front still looks excellent.  After having both tires off it was time to eat.  Of course there's a bunch of minor details that passed the time but I'm in a hurry to get all this writing caught up since I'm a week behind :)

After we finished eating it was trampoline time  woo hooo!!  and yes there are some photos on the way of this :)

I then resigned to the garage, finished rotating my tires and cleaned and re-greased my old pump.  Just like new!  I have no need for two so I gave Kristen my old one.

That's about it for now...  Oh it was another incredibly nice sunny day with a high of 87 degrees :)

Today's Pics

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