DAY 60

May 13, 1999

My alarm woke me at 5:30am.  It wasn't raining so I went back to sleep.  By 6am the locals were starting to make noise.  A loud pickup truck drove by, a dog barked, and the semi traffic had greatly increased one block away on 85.  Sleep was impossible and then I heard a raindrop at 6:30am.  I got up and packed everything before the rain came.  It was a very dark, cloudy, morning as I rode back to the Conoco store.  There I got some Nutri-Grain bars, peanut butter crackers, and PowerAde.  It was 7:30am when I rode out onto 212 on this rainy, cold (38 degree), morning.  I couldn't move very fast, my body was too cold to want to do anything.  The tailwind was a tremendous blessing, it helped push me along.   Thick fog would leave my mouth as I exhaled.  Not much to say about the terrain,  too cold to really pay any attention to it.  After riding 14.5 miles I reached the Wyoming border.  I tried to be careful to keep my camera dry as I took a photo.  It got a little wet and I just hoped it would be OK.

Continued in Wyoming...

Today - 14.45 miles in South Dakota

Today's Pics

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