DAY 55

May 8, 1999

WHAT A DAY! I feel fortunate I’m sitting here writing on this piece of paper in my journal. There was a point earlier today when I thought this day would see the end of me. My thoughts were, "how painful would it be? Or would it be a quick and painless death?"

The day started with me getting up at 6am. I showered in this cheap metal shower stall and the metal floor popped and creaked every time I moved my feet. When I was ready, I carried my trailer, then my bike, up the stairs. I headed west on 20 and stopped at a convenience store for Gatorade and snacks. The subway inside was open since they sell breakfast sandwiches now. Unfortunately, they all have eggs and I try to stay away from egg yolks. So I got a tuna sub for breakfast. Yum smile

Heading north on 385 I encountered lots of hills. It was cold like yesterday so I had on 3 layers of clothes. Going up I would get hot and sweat, going down I’d freeze, brrr. The landscape was filled with treeless, green, rolling hills. And I got to see my first wild life for the day, cool! I think it was an antelope? Not sure. I’m not the best at identifying some animals. But, I stopped and took a picture of him as he stared at me…the typical response I’ve been getting from animals. Except for one time in the sand hills, the day it rained on me. It had just quit raining and I was about 4 miles from the church. While riding by a ranch, about 10 big black bulls charged at me but stopped at the fence. Usually, it’s stare….or run away.

Day 55 Continues in South Dakota

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