DAY 40

April 23, 1999

What? SNOW! They said the snow was out further west, where I’m heading. UGH! The temp this morning is 40 degrees with a north wind of 25-30mph. The sky was dark and cloudy and the forecast for today is for heavy rain. Now I’m wondering, am I a wimp for not wanting to bike today? Or, am I foolish to attempt to bike in thunderstorms and heavy winds? A part of me says that it’ll be a great challenge of what I can endure, but then what about enjoying the ride instead of just enduring it? Well, I’ve decided….I’ll take today off and bike tomorrow, no matter what.

Sitting around the motel room I was just getting bored, so I walked about a half-mile to the bookstore. Not much there, it was really small. Next door was a Subway so I popped over there for lunch. I walked in right behind a guy with a shaved head, small hoop earrings in both ears, and a beard. He had kind of a grunge look to him. Sort of like one of those "extreme" snowboarder types. After finding out what I was doing, he asked if I wanted to sit with him for lunch. His name was Jeff and he was wearing a work shirt from the welding company he works for. Prior to moving to Kansas he lived in California and built bikes. He was cool to hang out with and talk to but then he asked if I go to church. Geeez,…do I look like I need to be "saved" or something? Jeff was really cool though and he didn’t try to push any religion on me. I just told him I don’t go to church and have my own views and philosophy on life. Before leaving he gave me his e-mail and phone number so I could call him from the road. And yet again, I’m experiencing this alternate reality that I somehow shifted into. A realm filled with positive energy and really nice people.

After eating, I went to Wal-Mart to buy a new Walkman. My last one quit working and I threw it away back at the Hazen Inn. I enjoy listening to music at night. The two tapes I brought contain a variety of music. One has a mix of Alternative Rock, Reggae, and Techno/Rave music. The other tape is a Mozart. So I have music for any mood I’m in :-)  My last walkman type player was a $10.00 cheapo and I think it messed up from all the vibration in my handlebar bag. This time I decided to fork out the $50 for the Sony Sports Walkman. Hopefully this one will last the rest of the trip.

Back at the motel, I prepared some tea using the coffee maker for hot water and tea bags. By late afternoon, I was hungry again and ordered a veggie sub from "Hungry Howie’s" to be delivered. The rest of the day was spent listening to my walkman and catching up on previous day’s journal entries. Wow, I’m getting a bit behind. Some days I don’t feel much like writing, but I know that writing all my thoughts, dreams, and perceptions, will give me insight into myself. With the details of my journey documented and photographed, I will be able to look back and recall all of the intimate details that would otherwise be lost or obscured through time.

Today - 0 miles
Total -  1996 miles


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