DAY 38

April 21, 1999

I went to Cooky’s to eat a slice of Dutch Apple pie for breakfast. Then it was time for my morning Gatorade (or PowerAde) stop. I stopped at the Golden City Food Fair and met some really nice people inside. Although they’ve seen a lot of cyclist through here, they seemed somewhat concerned about me on such a long trip by myself. We talked for 20-30 minutes and before I left, a guy gave me the phone number to the store. He said for me to call him if I get into any trouble before reaching Pittsburgh. There’s not much between Golden City, MO and Pittsburgh, KS. But it’s not too far, only about 35 miles. I was very grateful that he expressed an interest in my safety and well being. Golden City has indeed lived up to its name. Although it’s extremely small, the people are what make it an oasis on the road. I’m so glad that Bill signed the guestbook at my web site and recommended this change in my route. From my very first encounter at the Post Office to my stop at the Food Fair as I was leaving, everyone was exceptional.

Leaving town, the wind was blowing to the north. So then I had a crosswind instead of the tailwind I had yesterday. It was blowing about 25-30mph…..It Sucked! There were absolutely no trees or anything until I reached the state line, about 30 miles. I had to go to the bathroom 5 miles out but held it until I reached a small store at the state line.

Continued in Kansas

Today - 30 miles in Missouri

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