DAY 35

April 18, 1999

Whoa, talk about weird dreams! This time I’m just hangin’ out on a sofa talking with Stevie Nicks. I was sitting on one end all slouched back with my legs crossed just making myself comfortable. We just sat there and engaged in casual conversation.

Well, I got up with the sunrise and walked around the property. It was a cool morning with a mist covering the lake. I felt so relaxed just enjoying this spectacular place. There was a forest all around with Dogwood trees dappled throughout the landscape. Walking to one end of the lake I could hear water falling. This is the place where the water is fed out of the lake and where Ozarka Spring Water was originally bottled. The lake was perfectly still as the sun began to burn the mist off. I really couldn’t imagine living amongst nature like this. It was like something out of the movies.

I was quickly brought back to reality with hunger. In my haste, I forgot to bring anything for breakfast. I called J.R. and he drove out to pick me up. Back at the café, we decided to work on the sign. I spent most of the day making letters out of magnetic material. The sign out front was metal so the letters will stick to it. I made enough letters to spell out "Daily Planet Internet Café" two times, one for each side of the sign. That took much longer than I expected, but we were able to get them up by late afternoon. I was happy to be able to help and return some of the kindness I’ve been shown.

Scott and Donna, from Health Works, showed up while I was working on the letters and gave me a break. Scott walked up with a smile on his face and said, "You must be Wade." He was a little taller than me, with long graying hair pulled back into a ponytail. As I shook his hand, his wife Donna walked up beside him. She had straight, blonde hair, and an equally cheerful smile. The three of us sat down at a table and at first I was unsure where to start with my many questions. I had been thinking of the possibility of moving into the realm of Holistic Health and getting more private, paying clients. Scott confirmed on of my suspicions about the difficulties of males performing as massage therapists. Most men seem to prefer a female to massage them (maybe a homophobic thing), and females would rather have another female massage them (maybe that whole psychosexual thing.) I also brought up my interest in Ayruvedic medicine and it just so happens that Scott has been studying that extensively. He plans on teaching aspects of Ayruveda.

Donna told me about the form of cranio-sacral therapy she does. She also discussed the transition that they are starting to go through, beginning to look at the different avenues within therapy and healthcare. While talking with both of them I could sense the passion both of them possess for what they do. These are the types I’m drawn to so I can learn from, and better myself, as a healthcare provider for my patients.

After they left, I felt like staying in town much longer so that I might spend more time with them. It is strange, the feeling I get with most of the people I’ve been meeting. Almost like I’ve already known many of them for a long time and we’re just getting re-acquainted. I was able to complete the letters, J.R. painted them, and we put them up on the metal sign that he had painted earlier in the day. Lookin’ good! Later, after we closed, J.R., Jana, Tillian, and I, all went to their home for dinner. And let me tell you, I was hungry! I ate more than the three of them combined. At least I think I’ve stopped losing weight and am beginning to consume enough calories for my energy expenditure.

After dinner, Jana showed me pictorial books of her home-Prague, Czechoslovakia. I’ve never known a thing about the place and hadn’t a clue as to what it was like. The photos were filled with images of a gothic looking town and amazing architecture. Jana was excited to share this with me and was very homesick. By looking at the photos I could see why she was homesick. I wanted to step into any of those images and immerse myself in the city and it’s culture.

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