DAY 28

April 11, 1999

I left at 8:15am after gooping my butt up with that stuff.   I'm finding that it is really making a difference.  So, I've been starting to use it more and just goop a bunch of it on until I've got this big goopy mess in my shorts.  It feels gross at first, but man it sure makes a difference for me.

Anyway, I headed north on 49 which initially had a wide shoulder.  At the Monroe county line the shoulder became rough and too bumpy to ride on.  There wasn't too much traffic so I rode in the right lane until a car came behind me then I'd jump on the shoulder until it passed.  The wind was blowing southeast, hitting me at an angle.  Not feeling like working too hard, I just pedaled very easy .  One car load of punks yelled something at me and gave me the finger and it didn't phase me a bit.  Surprisingly enough, I didn't have even the slightest urge to give them the finger back.  Wow!  That was the first time I was really able to let something just go by me.  The more this stuff happens, I suppose it is giving me the opportunity to learn how to control my emotions.

Arriving at 70, I saw a sign saying that trucks with oversize loads use the road up to Briscoe.  The ironic part was, as I headed west on 70, guess what?  NO Shoulder!  What kind of backwards people design these roads???   But the traffic wasn't too bad an I only had one truck deliberately run me off the road.  Fortunately, I was able to maintain control of my bike in the loose gravel and soft shoulder.   That's when I began hearing a noise coming from by bottom bracket and realized it was getting loose.

OK, now for some reason they put a shoulder after Briscoe and there was a shoulder the rest of the way.  I stopped at a convenience store in DeValls and when someone started talking to me I realized I could barely talk.  Going all day without saying a world and then realizing I was speaking in a low, dry, scratchy voice was weird.  I bought a tuna sandwich in one of those little triangle plastic containers.  I've wondered who bought those things :-)

I rode into Haven and with no campground I stayed at the Haven Inn, 3 miles north of downtown, by I40.  My butt wasn't very sore at all!  I finished the day with no pains anywhere.  Not even muscle pain since I pedaled easy.

Today - 75.18 miles
Total -  1500 miles
Average Speed: 9.5mph

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