DAY 27

April 10, 1999

I decided to give myself a day to relax and let my butt heal.   Although I was paying $50 + tax ($54) a day, it was a nice new motel.  I walked a mile to the Wal-Mart and was there at 8am.  I turned in my film at the one hour photo center then went to look for another pair of shorts.  I somehow left my others back at the Tillatoba rec. area.  I didn't find any shorts I wanted but found a long sleeve turtleneck shirt on the clearance rack for $3.00.  Kewl Deal!  I thought it would be good to have when I hit the cold weather.  Going to the food section, I got some more dehydrated soups, instant mashed potatoes, pasta noodles, and a few power bars.

I walked back to the motel and went through the photos.  At first I was taking too many photos and spent $60 on day 11 of my trip.  I decided to cut back some on taking pictures but I think I cut back too much.  There were some things I wished I'd taken photos of.  But some days, when I'm letting things get to me, like jerks in cars trying to run me over, I really don't feel like taking any pictures.  Anyway, I picked out some for the web site and then contemplated the trip so far.  Even though my journal reflects some anger I had, most of the trip has indeed been great so far!

Some people believe that most of our emotions are controlled by outside influences, e.g. how I felt after getting the beer thrown at me in Alabama.   That made me very upset and all I could think about was getting out of the south.   But some believe that we draw on these experiences to learn from them.  And if we are being negative, then we draw negative experiences into our reality.   Accordingly, if we are positive then we bring in the positive experiences.  In a sense, we are in control of our own reality.

Mississippi was filled with exceptionally good riding experiences.  This may have been due to the fact that I used a lot of county roads.   I'm also getting better at applying what Ed, the Canadian, told me about not letting anyone get inside my head.  I've been trying to just "let it go" and several times when someone would try to run me down, or blast their horn right beside me, I would smile and wave.

Today - 0 miles
Total - 1225 miles


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