DAY 26

April 9, 1999

Unfortunately I forgot to check my mileage at the border but I think it was about 72.  I camped my way through Mississippi on $11.00 so I decided I could splurge some.  Finding a Subway at the edge of West Helena, I went in and ordered a roasted chicken sub.  Demond fixed my sub and we talked a bit about my ride and the town.  Both towns combined, Helena and West Helena, had a population of under 20,000.  Demond has lived there all his life and really wants to leave.   "There's nothing to do here."  He hope to get out of there within 3 months and go to live in Houston, Texas.  Having lived north of Dallas for about a year, in Corpus Christie for 3 months and near the panhandle for 3 months, I told him what I knew about Texas.  Before leaving, Demond directed me to the closest motel, the Best Western.

After I checked in I felt I needed to check my butt and see if it was bleeding.  It was so sore and raw. The cream I've been using worked great for about 50 miles or so.  Today I rode a total of 89 miles with strong headwinds, it felt more like 150 miles.  Ed told me about the sores he developed and I really don't want that to happen to me.

Day 26 continued in Arkansas

Today - 17.29 miles in Arkansas
Total for today - 89.29 miles
Total - 1225 miles


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