DAY 22

April 5, 1999

After refueling with Gatorade, I rode to Lake Lowndes State Park.  This is an exceptionally nice park.  With indoor basketball courts, baseball and softball diamonds, tennis courts, and even a Frisbee golf course.    Finding the primitive camping area, it hit me...BAM...Oh geez! where's the bathroom??  Setting my bike against a tree I ran to the bathhouse.  That dang turkey gave me the runs!  After setting up camp I showered and went to pay the $7.00 fee.  Barbara was exceptionally nice and we talked some about my trip and camping along the way.  She gave me an older issue of a very thick and heavy book called "Trailer Life."  Then as she was looking for a state map....BAM!  It hits me again and I run for the bathroom down the hall.  This really sux!

Back at my campsite I fixed black beans and rice on my camp stove.   My back still had a dull ache and if I used bad body mechanics the pain got a bit worse.  I did some massage and self-mobilizations then covered the area with "Li's Muscle Balm" (like Tiger Balm.)  Then I ripped the pages out of the "Trailer Life" book that corresponded to the states I'll be in.  It lists every campground in the US and parts of Canada.

Afterwards I headed back to the main office/sports complex to use the pay phone.  As I was getting ready to bike out, I encountered a small group of black guys that just finished playing basketball inside.  One guy made a comment about my bike so I stopped to engage in a bit of conversation.  I didn't know if any of them really believed what I was doing but one guy did say "When you get to Alaska, put a shout out for the homey's back here."

It was a nice evening by the lake; I was the only one camping out here on a Monday night.  There are very few bugs this time of year, which makes it that much better.   I washed my clothes out earlier in the shower and they were already dry from the wind that got stronger as the night progressed.

As I was laying on my sleeping bag, I thought I heard something making a scratching, digging, sound inside or under the sleeping bag.  I looked inside and all around but found nothing.  Figuring it must have been outside the tent, I got inside the sleeping bag to go to sleep.  Then, WHA..SHI.….BAM!  I was out of that bag! I had never moved so fast.  I had felt something beginning to crawl on my left side.  This time I found the little guy.  It was one of those big brown bugs that can never fly very well. 

The winds got very strong as they roared through the trees.  Then there was very loud thunder and lightning with heavy rain, as I went to sleep… hoping the lightening wouldn't be striking anywhere near me.

Today - 69.77 miles
Total - 1181 miles

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