DAY 22

April 5, 1999

I forced myself up early this morning and was out on the road at 6:45am to beat the traffic through town.  No problems and very little traffic!   I stopped at a post office in Northport, a suburb of Tuscaloosa, and mailed my journal entries.  Then I got some cash at an ATM...Wow!  I'm going through it quick!  I really have to stick with tent camping!

Riding 82 west there was a shoulder, but not one you could ride on.  It was rough with gravel embedded in the tar.  The highway kept changing back and forth from a 4 lane divided highway to a 2-lane highway.  Then, after 8:00am the traffic and big trucks started getting worse.  And I was getting tired of the hills, up and down....Well, the down's weren't so bad :-)  I soon left 82 and got on 86 which is not a major highway so the traffic was much less.  There were still logging trucks and no shoulder.  I continued up and down hills and it was mostly wooded and swampy areas.   The sign for the town of Carrolton read "Home Of The Face In The Window."   What's all that about?    People staring out their windows in this town, or are there just a lot of peeping Tom's?

I stopped at a convenience store and got one of the pre-packaged turkey sub's.  I began eating and didn't really taste the first bite as I began to devour the sub.  But the second bite tasted funny, and the third was nasty!  I peeled the meat out to reveal turkey meat with a greenish tinge to it.....eeewwwwww!!  That was sick!  I just threw the meat away and ate the bread.  Sitting by my bike I hear a black guy, that just pulled up in a truck, yelling "Git yo mess outta my sh!t", "Girl, git yo mess outta my sh!t!"...He kept yelling louder and I pretended not to notice.  I hopped on my bike as the "girl" got out of the truck and began walking while the guy was still yelling something.

Heading out of town, I got on County Road 26.   Wow...All alone on a desolate road.  It was very quiet and I even rode up close to deer before they noticed me and ran off.  I stopped for one of the "self butt massages"  I give myself when there's no traffic to see me rubbing my butt.  A good reason to travel with someone of the opposite sex....Trade butt massages :-)

There was a tail wind, which helped on these hilly roads.    Coasting down one I achieved 38mph!  That was smooth and no wobbling since there were no crosswinds. County Road 26 ended at the Mississippi border.   Turning left would take me on 14 back to Alabama and turning right was 69 into Mississippi.  I finished Alabama at 56.5 miles and headed across the street to a convenience store.....

Day 22 continued in Mississippi...


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02/25/03 - I did a search on the net and found out what "the face in the window" is, and not sure why a town would be proud of it:

This girl was home all alone watching TV on a cold winter night. The television was right beside a sliding glass door, and the blinds were open.

Suddenly she saw a wrinkled old man staring at her through the glass! She screamed, then grabbed the phone next to the couch and pulled a blanket over her head so the guy couldn't see her while she called the police. She was so terrified that she remained under the blanket until the police got there.

It had snowed a lot during the day, so the police naturally decided to look for footprints. But there were no footprints at all on the snowy ground outside the sliding door.

Puzzled, the police went back inside the house – and that's when they saw the wet footprints on the floor leading up to the couch where the girl was still sitting.

The policemen looked at each other nervously. "Miss, you're extremely lucky," one of them finally said to her.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because," he said, "the man wasn't outside at all. He was in here, standing right behind the couch! What you saw in the window was his reflection."