DAY 21

April 4, 1999

OK, now I'm wondering if I really want everyone reading my journal.  After another weird dream, someone is going to try to psychoanalyze me :-)    This time I was trying to use one of those gyrocopters.  You know, like what that crazy guy had on the movie "The Road Warrior."  Well it never did get off the ground but could've been an easy way to do this trip huh???  :-)

I got up at 7:15am, and since I never was a morning person, I moved very slooooow.  By 9:30am I was riding the mostly uphill 1.5 miles out of the park.   Before I even got out of the park I was starting to sweat.  Normally, I don't like to work very hard the first hour of riding.  I followed County Road 7 south, then west on County Road 16.  I have begun to realize that the county roads are indeed the best to ride on, little traffic and friendly people. 

Then I headed north on 219 and noticed more of those black bungee straps and tire treads on the side of the road.  These indicate roads traveled by semi trucks.   But since it's Easter Sunday there is hardly any traffic at all.  When I reached Centerville (45 miles) at 12:30, I was ready to quit.  I had not eaten since the oatmeal and I was tired.   But I really wanted to make the most of the decreased traffic on Easter, so I followed 82 west and arrived in Tuscaloosa at 4pm.   The sign said "Lake Lurleen State Park 17 miles", and I didn't feel like pushing myself anymore.  Oh, and you know with a name like "Lurleen" ya gots ta be in da south :-) 

I checked into the Motel 6 and got cleaned up.  Wearing my only casual clothes, brown shorts, green shirt with the Kokapelli Dude on it, and sandals, I headed to the Subway next door.  While speaking to a guy with a tongue ring and black eye, he told me that Mississippi is a bad state to ride in.  I talked to all the people working there while I ate my roasted chicken breast sandwich.  The white girl was intrigued and asked some questions about my ride.  The black girl was very concerned about my safety and the dude with the black eye seemed to think it was pretty cool.   After eating I went back to the motel and watched the weather.

Today - 75.81 miles
Total - 1111 miles

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