DAY 19

April 2, 1999

Alright now, what's up with these weird dreams!?  This time I was bikin' in heavy snow and had to start pushing my bike and trailer through the snow. 

Yesterday I entered Central Standard Time so I got to sleep an hour later before leaving at 8 am CST.  It was a hot, humid, and hilly ride.   The high was 85 and I had to work hard to keep myself motivated.....I just felt lazy today.

The roads sucked as usual with no shoulders as I took 84 to 189, to 331, to 10, and into Greenville, Alabama.  Since entering Alabama I've had lots of people waving at me, and this morning wasn't any different :-) 

I rode into Elba and took a picture of the Veterans War Memorial.  Then I stopped at the post office and mailed the postcards I bought in Enterprise.  After Elba, I followed 189 to 331 into Brantley.  I stopped at a convenience store in Brantley and felt very uncomfortable there.  At the register I was paying for a couple of Gatorades and the lady wouldn't even look at me.  She never said a word to me even though I said "Hello."   She continued to ignore me and was looking at the next lady in line as she handed me my change.  I said "thank you" and still not even a glance in my direction...  What a #?@!&!!!

Leaving Brantley, which by the way is the home of Chuck Person (I think he's some basketball dude) if anyone cares.  I followed 331 N and stopped a few miles out of town.  I was getting something out of my trailer when someone threw a beer at me.   It hit the pavement a couple of feet before me and sprayed me with beer.  I didn't even flinch, just kept unzipping the bag in my trailer and ignored it.  That way they wouldn't have the pleasure of knowing it got me.  After Bentley, the day just kept getting more negative.  All I could think about was getting out of the south and how much I hate those beer drinkin', overweight, pick-up truck (with a confederate flag on it) drivin', uneducated, white trash rednecks!!!  I was sooo glad to get to Greenville and end this day.

Checking in to the Econolodge, the very slow talking, uneducated soundin', white-haired lady with the lost look in her eyes(like no ones home), insisted I fill out the registration completely.  Even the year, make, and model, of my bike!  So I put 98 Specialized Stumpjumper.  Then she asked for a tag number!  I said "It's a bicycle, it has no tags!"    "Oh, and they let you ride on the roads?"  Geeeez... I can't believe the ignorance of some people.  After showering, I walked to Subway to eat and then reassessed my route before going to sleep.   I've Gotta get out of the south!

Today - 71.23 miles
Total - 965 miles


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