DAY 18

April 1, 1999

What's up with all these crazy dreams?  This time I found myself in the desert of Egypt exploring a network of underground passages.  I uncovered some very large ants, about 3 feet long, that were long since dead and preserved in the sand.  Too Weird!

I checked out at 8 AM. It was a cool, wet, misty 65-degree morning.  As I biked, the mist kept getting my glasses wet, making it difficult to see.  Remembering something Ed, the Canadian, told me, I was not wearing my sunglasses today.   "Sunglasses can take away from the natural beauty and colors."  And since I really don't need them in the morning, only afternoons while headed west, I was wearing my regular prescription glasses. I guess this is where contacts would be an advantage.

The hills were becoming steeper and more frequent.  My max speed coasting downhill was 35.5 mph, and that was a bit scary with my trailer wobbling a little.  My route led me from 73 to 231 North, and then to 2 West.  And again, usually no shoulder to ride on.  But it had very little traffic and was a nice ride.    Especially through Graceville, so may flowers and the fresh smells.   Ahhh.....

Approaching Graceville from 2, I passed some nice homes with well-manicured lawns and lots of trees.  I could hear the birds chirping and with little was a pleasant morning.  The Dogwood tree was prevalent through here and I first started seeing them just prior to entering the Appalachicola National Forest.  I tried to take some pictures but the mode select switch messed up on my Canon A2.  It was stuck in the lock position.  Now I wasn't too happy at that point, but I decided that I could just get those cheapy disposable cameras while I send it back to Canon for a rush repair on it. 

I followed 2 west to 79 and headed north into Alabama.

Day 18 Alabama  :-)

Today (in Florida) - 34.22 miles
Total (so far) - 865 miles

Today's Pics

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