DAY 17

March 31, 1999

Maybe I was thinking too much about the predicted heavy rain for today.  When I woke up, I came out of a dream where I was struck by lightning on both forearms.  They were charred black...Weird dream!  The night I slept in the forest I dreamed of getting Poison Ivy on both legs.

Anyway, with the rain predicted for one day only, I decided to take a day off.  The lady at the front desk said Winn Dixie was two blocks down the road.  I decided to walk there this morning before the rain started.  So I walked...and walked...and walked, until finally, after two miles, I found the Winn Dixie.  It was a very windy and cloudy morning.   While checking out at the register I noticed that the rain had started coming down outside, so I walked the two miles back to the motel in the rain :-(   "Oh!   Did I say two blocks?  I meant two miles," is what I heard when I arrived back at the motel.

I returned to my room soaked.  This was a very boring day for me.   I hated it!  I couldn't explore the town because of all the rain.    All I did was watch TV and eat all day!  I should have just biked in the heavy wind and rain.  It was driving me crazy just watching TV and eating all day.. TV, eat, TV, eat, TV, eat……

Today - nada


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