DAY 11

March 25, 1999

I made it up and into the kitchen at about 6:30 am.    Kathleen and I sat and drank a cup of coffee while discussing the route I'll be taking in the morning.  Soon, everyone was gone for the day.  Kathleen went to teach I Chi (a form of Tai Chi but in water) and then she was going to the clinic.    David went to work and the girls were off to school.   All alone now, I decided to get caught up on my journal and e-mail them to Jeanette (Imp).

Then, I walked a mile to Eckerds to have my film developed.  $60.00!!   WOW!   This will be expensive, taking pictures of the whole trip! Then I went to Publix Grocery Store and bought some more Met-Rex food bars, shampoo, and 200-speed film.   The shampoo was needed because I left mine in the shower of the last campground....that's the second time I've done that, so far. I've always used 100-speed film and a tripod with my camera, but last night I had poor luck taking photos at the ballgame.  I decided not to bring my tripod on this trip and I usually only shoot in daylight.  I've decided to sacrifice a bit in detail and clarity, for a faster film, so I bought 200 speed.  I was really disappointed in myself for not being able to take some good pictures.  The other problem is the f5.6 lens I'm using, so I really do need the 200-speed film for low light and evening pictures. I returned from the store and went out to the garage where my bike was parked.  I replaced the tubes even though there was nothing wrong with the ones I had.....I just wanted to use the ones I'd purchased in Key Largo.  Just as I was finishing up, Kathleen got home with the girls.  The four of us went to the bike shop and I purchased another bike shirt.  I had intended to bring two along but I only had one, so I was washing it out every evening to wear the next day.  After that, we went to Target so the girls could look at some stuff there.  I wandered back to the camping supplies to look for a small area light to hang in my tent.  The smallest one I could find was a Coleman "Kids Light".  Perfect!  Since I'm just a Big Kid :-) We returned to Kathleen's and she showed me the Osteoporosis program she developed.  She is working out the final details to get it published in a peer-review journal! For dinner, David cooked the most incredible meal!  He used his "Green Egg" smoker/grill and fixed chicken breasts, portabella mushrooms, and whole onions.  I ate 1 and a half pieces of chicken, rice, mushrooms, a whole onion, and....drank a beer.  That was Sooo Good!  Everything was seasoned and tender.   Even after all that, I was still hungry but I didn't want to make a pig of myself :-) After dinner, David worked on cleaning the pool and hot tub while Kathleen and I Talked.  We flipped through the latest "PT Bulletin" and still can't believe what has happened to the Physical Therapy profession.  There used to be hundreds and hundreds of jobs listed nationwide.  Now there are only 2 pages of job listings, and most of those are part-time. Before going to sleep I ate one of my food bars to satisfy my hunger :-)

Today - 0 miles
Total - 481 miles

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