March 16, 1999

I had some trouble sleeping last night due to the sunburn pain.  After focusing on the sound of the wind in the trees and the ocean waves, I finally fell asleep.

When I got up I immediately took a Tylenol to help ease the pain.  I fixed some oatmeal on my camp stove and ate in front of the ocean.  The morning was so relaxing and peaceful with a gentle breeze rustling the trees and the music of the birds.  The waves gently rolled in as I gazed across the vast expanse of the ocean.  I've now decided that I must stay another day!

I met the luxury tenters, Mike and Holly.  They are from Miami and decided to take time off work and get away from it all.  Mike blows up their inflatable kayak and they head out in the ocean with fishing poles.  Upon their return about 2 hours later, Mike asks if I want to borrow the kayak.  I decline the offer so I can avoid getting too much sun today.

I spent most of the day relaxing, writing in my journal, and writing postcards.  When things got a bit cooler in the late afternoon, I headed into the small town and bought a few things.  A small bag of Mahatma chicken flavored rice, a can of green beans, and 2 cold beers.  Ahhh those sure tasted great :) This is the LIFE!!! No worries, just enjoying the moments I have.

After eating it started getting really dark, so I had to hurry and put everything away while I could still see.  While relaxing in my tent I listened to the news playing on the TV in Mike and Holly's tent.  I soon fell asleep but was awakened several times in the night by raccoon's trying to get into my food.


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