Wade Anderson
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Before I started I knew I might die. That was a recurring thought over and over, the only question was how fast and how painful of a death would it be.

Each year there are about 51,000 bicycle accidents and there were 4000 fatalities in the past 4 years, most of these are close to home and only on short rides. The longer you ride, the greater the probability is. If someone rides 1 hour a day, s/he would have a statistically lower chance of getting into any type of accident than someone that rides, lets say, 8 hours a day. And there are many other factors that increase the likelihood of getting plowed over by a giant, fast moving body of metal. Like the fact that most bicycle/car accidents happen in familiar areas where the cyclists know the roads and they are close to home. But throw someone out on the road 8 hours a day and into an unknown landscape ahead, and the law of averages are not in your favor!

So why do it then? That is what most people ask, and you know, it is not a simple answer. One of my thoughts was to really do something with my life and truly live. Experience the world around me before I shuffle off the mortal coil.