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This is what I took and also lists things I added, changed or got rid of.


Sierra Designs Meteor Light CD Tent - a 2 man so I can put my trailer inside the tent with me, I may need to access my gear in heavy downpours.

Sleeping Bag

Kelty Polaris HV 5 degree bag

Sleeping Pad

full length "Thinsulate"


MSR Rapidfire - 2 butane canisters bought many more along the way as I needed them

Cookware and accessories

Titanium pot
plastic cup
titanium fork
titanium spoon
Storm Proof matches
- these things are heavy duty stuff - they even burn under water!!, and also have regular matches.

Water Filter

MSR mini works water filter


2 pair bike shorts
1 pair regular shorts
(ditched these in Whitefish, Montana)
1 bike shirt(bought another in Largo, Florida)
1 t-shirt(bought another in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, one given to me in Dawson City, YT, CA and bought one from the Music Fest in Dawson City YT, CA)
1 pair bike socks(bought another pair in Largo, Florida)
1 pair wool socks
Specialized spd shoes
1 pair sandals
1 pair The North Face "convertible pants"
- long pants that have zip off legs for shorts(bought another pair in Whitefish, Montana and ditched the cotton shorts there)
2 pair riding gloves - Pearl Izumi gel and avenir gloves
1 pair REI concept 2000 - full fingered gloves for cold riding days
Purchased Schwinn "ground Zero" lobster claw gloves in Billings, Montana after having several days of frozen fingers in those really cold days
Purchased neoprene shoe covers to keep my feet warm and dry in Missoula, Montana

Waterproof rain jacket
my comfortable Eddie Bauer lightweight jacket
capilene polyester long underwear
capilene polyester long sleeve shirt

the capilene stuff is great because it is lightweight, breathable and dries fast
I never took or wore underwear on the trip except during cold camping night and the cold days when I wore the long underwear

Med Kit

Small 1.25 oz Ben's 100 - for the pesky mosquitoes, it is 100% DEET
"Li's Muscle Balm" - this is made by a friend and is much like tiger balm and is excellent for relieving any type of body pain or ache

lip protection
5 2x3 Telfa's
bandage tape
5 bandaids
alcohol prep pads
skin prep pads

tweezers - good for wound debridment
triple antibiotic cream
Prescription medicines: Cipro - a good general antibiotic, although some physicians will take zithromax with them when going to foriegn countries or out wilderness camping for extended periods of time; Darvocet - a good pain killer, just in case I break something. 


"The Alien" tool kit - multipurpose bicycle tool
Leatherman "Wave" - multipurpose utility tool with pliers
spoke wrench
tire tools
bike pump
- initially had a "Mt. Zefal" pump but had to buy a better, more powerful one that could pump up to 100 psi - bought a Zefal hp X3 in Missoula, Montana

Spare Bike Parts

2 extra specialized airloc tubes
after about 3500 miles began having flats in the BOB trailer and had to buy a new tire for it, after that I kept a spare tube for that too
2 additional spokes for each rim - broke one spoke on the Taylor Highway in Alaska


Finish Line teflon chain lube
"Judy Butter"- lubricant for the front suspension


Camelback "Mule" 100 oz (ditched this in Grand Cache, Alberta, Canada)
2 "Polar" water bottles
added 2 additional water bottle cages to the rear of the BOB trailer and added 2 extra water bottles
added a Nalgene bottle for water storage and my water filter needed it to screw onto when pumping water


bought some books along the way

Personal Hygiene

The usual stuff: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, small bottle of shampoo, soap, anti-perspirant, nail clippers, one of those quick dry towels, container of anti-bacterial wipes, and when I was out in the middle of nowhere I had some tp.


I've never been a helmet wearer but decided to take a "Gila" by Giro

Camera and accessories

Canon A2 with 20mm Canon Ultrasonic Lens, 35-80mm Canon Lens, 70-300 mm Tamron Lens, various polarizing and uv filters. 
Initially I thought the tripod would be too much unnecessary weight but I purchased a lightweight one in Billings, Montana so that I could capture those waterfall shots.


B.O.B. Yak trailer
Purchased a rear rack and rear Ortlieb waterproof "floating" panniers in Missoula, Montana
"REI Deluxe" handlebar bag - had some problems with this, it did last the whole trip with some work and modifications to it. I used plastic bags wrapped around it during the rain.  That was a hassle having to stop with the slightest bit of rain to waterproof my handlebar bag.  Next time I plan on getting a waterproof Ortlieb handle bar bag

Miscellaneous items

plastic bags to waterproof everything -some things I will be putting in "Glad-Lock freezer bags"
ditched the plastic bags after buying a giant table cloth to line the inside of the BOB yak sak, and that worked to waterproof everything inside.  Next tiem I will get an Ortleib waterproof bag that fits the BOB trailer

Oakley prescription sunglasses -I needed good protection from the sun as well as the best fit and coverage, mine let too much grit around them and into my eyes, the "Oakley Heaters" fit very snug and allow virtually nothing around them, this was especially important on roads such as the Alaska Highway and those other dusty dirt roads I was on where I rode in clouds of dust as RV's flew by me
spare batteries
2 bandanas - great for bathing, cleaning dishes and soaking in water and tying on your wrists to keep you cool
small journal (bought additional along the way as needed)
2 pens
address list