-by Wade Anderson
above is photo of me standing on top of "The Midnight Dome" overlooking the Yukon River in Yukon Territory, CA
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"Confess your hidden faults
Approach what you find repulsive
Help those you think you cannot help
Anything you are attached to, let it go
Go to places that scare you"
-from The Places That Scare You, by Pema ChÖdrÖn (Buddhist teacher)

This was an incredible journey across North America and into my soul.  Long distance bicycle touring is not for the faint
hearted, but for me it was a test of my patience and ability to cope with many challenges that my everyday
existence did not provide me. A trip like this can change a person if you are open to change.

Prelude to a Journey - Outer Banks of North Carolina
Media - see what the media had to say about it
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A Beginners Guide to a Cycling Trip - a humorous account by Craig O.
Statistics of my Cycling Trip - computed by Yvonne van den Hork
My dog Chena - Chena
Research - research I co-authored about endurance exercise on a bicycle
This research was performed with subjects exercising on stationary bicycles and was published just prior to me setting off on this long bicycle ride.  So it seemed appropriate timing for this being published.